Storey & Castle Planning are development approval specialists, providing smart and efficient development outcomes for more than 18 years.

Our directors and planning team has built a reputation of success since 2004. Thorough knowledge, extensive experience, innovation and a reputation of integrity add value to our client projects. Storey & Castle Planning are outcome driven and shape development projects to ensure success and maximise yield.

We can manage all aspects of the development approval process, from preliminary investigations through to approval and construction assistance. We benefit from an extensive professional network and excellent relationships with Council and State authorities to smoothly and successfully navigate complex approval processes.

Whilst our core business lies within the Gold Coast and broader SEQ region, we have a comprehensive knowledge and demonstrated experience of statutory requirements throughout QLD, NSW and across Australia.

  • Prelodgement Meeting & Negotiations
  • Development Approvals
    • Material Change of Use / Development Consent
    • Reconfiguring a Lot (Subdivision)
    • Priority Development Area (PDA) Approvals
    • Final Development Approvals (FDA)
    • Operational Works
  • Referral Agency Assessment (RAA) Approvals